Visual Animation, Video and Sound Design

Curated by ANIMALWALL Studio for Shanghai Fashion Week opening event featuring prominent young Italian Designers such us Yezael by Angelo Cruciani. 

Milan Design Week Exhibition

Art Direction

in collaboration with EZGAAT Architects

independent project based exhibition that interacts with the public through a series of events, seminars and workshops. The exhibitions are held at the Ventura Design District in Lambrate area; one of the most vibrant areas of Milan's design week. It showcases innovative works produced by a range of contemporary emerging talents within the fields of Design, Fashion, Arts and Architecture in the era of the design paradox between materiality and Advanced design techniques.

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In Collaboration with Dennison Bertram

The Gol Goatha project is an exploration of the concept of a hybrid Virtual Reality film that blends elements of theater, meta-reality and sensory exploration. 

Through a mix of theater, virtual environment and synchronized sensory input, the participant is convinced to suspend their trust in reality through a virtual reality experience that is unlike anything they have experienced before. 

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